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The Ship has been afloat for over ten years now, as a collective concept and platform for musicians, recording, ideas and fun stuff. The cornerstone of all this, the Ship Recording Studio, is owned and operated by producer/musician Aaron Espinoza, and continues to be home-base for the band Earlimart, where Aaron and Ariana like to work on various musical adventures. You can record there too! Beyond the walls of the studio, the Ship hosts events at SXSW, and the annual Eagle Rock Street Festival, as well as encouraging and supporting other bands with the live Ship Sessions in conjunction with Sirius/XM.


The Ship Collective began as a group of friends and musicians in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles… it was a fun group that liked to BBQ and record music, drink Pabst, and make clothing, art, movies and videos. Emerging from that pile of folks came bands like Earlimart, Irving, Pine Marten, Silversun Pickups, The Radar Bros, Let’s Go Sailing, Panty Lions, The Watson Twins, Sea Wolf, Great Northern, Kennedy, and the list goes on. Also other artists and makers of things, such as artist Mel Kadel, photographer Ashod Simonian, music video director Suzie Vlcek, clothing label Matrushka, and more.

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This is the site of all things SHIP...the Ship Studio, Ship Records, and the Ship Sessions.

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